Prince - Get Yo Groove On

Текст песни Prince - Get Yo Groove On

Get your groove on

[Chorus 1]
I got some money because I just got paid
It's time to get my groove on
Been working hard, now it's time to play
I got to get my groove on

[Verse 1]
Can't wait to see your face again
You keep me happy, yeah, you're my best friend
In the park around a half past 9
Meet me, we'll have a real good time

[Chorus 2]
Come on, everybody get your groove on
Come on, we gonna party all night long
Get your groove on

[Verse 2]
I got some honey and some peppermint tea
That's all I need to get my drink on
Don't want this night to end if you're with me
We gonna party all night long
Bring the player, I'll bring the CDs
But don't you put nothing slow on
That new D'Angelo, some N.P.G
And we'll make a bet to see who keep their clothes on

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
I'm usually working both night and day
No time for fun
But tonight I'm gonna get my groove on
I'm saying until I see the sun
Till I see the sun, ooh, I wanna play
Come on!

Hey girl, let's hang tonight
Around at half past 9?

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 4]
Come on, everybody get your groove on (Hey baby)
Come on!
Get your groove on[x2]
Hey, nice joint, huh?
It's alright
You see anything you like in here, you know what I'm saying?

I think I see little something, something over there
But there's to much smoke in here, ehh
Wait, wait, wait
What's your name, little? Come here

Get it on, get on
Get your groove on
Baby, get your groove on
Oh yeah
Get it on
(Get your groove on)
Get your, get your, get your groove on
Get your, get your
Get your, get your, get your groove on
Get your, get your groove on
Oh baby
Get your groove on
Oh baby, oh yeah
Get your groove on[x2]

Girl, you believe that brother that came over here?
I'm telling you, with a tooth missing and everything
Hey Rhonda, girl, how you doing?
Hey, how you doing Montalbo?
Is Juice in there?
Don't you mean
You know, Big Julius
The sleazy one?
Yo, I know Big Juice is in there, girl
Getting that groove on (Get your groove on)
(Get you, get your, get your groove on)
Oh, get it on
Girl, I think we better leave
Because if we don't, I think I might have to have another one
Then I might change my name
To... ?
What's my name? Margarita
Y'all help me find Juice, I'm trying, I can't find him
Are you still looking for him?
Yeah, he's just... you know
He's up in here somewhere, I can't find him though
(No no, definitely not seen him)
Girl, let's go, I smell like an ashtray
(It's time to go)
We ain't going nowhere
Sir, I'm sorry
This club has a very strict dress code
We do not accept bluejeans
What you mean?
It don't take Stevie Wonder to see I got on the right clothes in here
I need to get up in this club
Hell, I could buy every one of you
Fuck yourself!

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