Prince - Hot Wit U

Текст песни Prince - Hot Wit U

Hot with you

I want to get hot with you
Get you underneath the cream and ooh
Get you doing things you thought you'd never do
Make you suck your tongue and say "ooh
I want to get hot with you
Take you upstairs to the 14th room
Multicolored lights and an ocean view
Ooh, I want to get hot with you
I want to get hot with you

Know the body banging, got you singing
No shouts from the neighbors, telephone ringing
Put me in positions thought I'd never do proper
Created a machine, now you know you can't stop her
Trying to turn me on - I never had this, so stop this
I'm supposed to tremble cuz they call you 'The Artist'?
Let's wild out - can you handle ruff riding?
Treat you like a freak of the week and had you hiding from me
I can do whatever you like, if you could take it
If I could be your girlfriend, you could catch me naked
Can't front sexually, I'd like a sample
But I don't think I'm ready for you to make me an example
I mean come on why front on

I'd never place time queen in your life
I mean will never
The days that you feeling for me neutral
That I'm ready to call you daddy
Even get got with you

Meet me early morning in a 4th dimension plane
Astral travelling hottie, I know you know my game
Underneath the cream I'll meet you
And then we'll rearrange
Everything you know of love
I'll give you reason to change


[Verse 2]
Take a drive to the ocean
And drown you in a wave (Hot with you
Of 100,000 compliments, boo
I want you every day (Hot with you
And to be cool
And the only way to do that is every night (hot) with you
Get hot, get hot (Hot) with you (Hot)
Yeah baby


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