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Текст песни Prince - Lavaux

Take me to the vineyards of Lavaux
Want to see the mountains where the waters flow
Life back home depresses me, just another form of slavery
The cost of freedom is anything but free
I don't care if they are covered with snow
I don't care if the road is narrow, if it is I'll know
It was always meant to be, still in love I must believe
Whatever path I choose will lead me home
Lead me home, Lavaux
Take me to the streets of Portugal
That might be my destiny to see the waterfall
Tears or rain, they're all the same
The only way to win this game
To let everybody play and share the ball
There ain't nobody got no chains on me

I'm flying higher than any mountain, deeper than any sea
A paradox is box's key, I'm the why in mystery
You're going to unlock the secrets if you please
Come take me to an assembly in New York
To speak of the brand new everlasting wonder war
To win or lose is so absurd
And the only casualty is the word, the word
Revolution time has come today
Cause it took a black face to see the same decay
Like the chocolate of Vavey, in the sun they'll melt away
As for me, I'll laugh and go to the mountains where the waters flow
Back to the vineyards of Lavaux

Lavaux [x4]

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