Prince - Let's Have A Baby

Текст песни Prince - Let's Have A Baby

I can't wait no more, no
Let's have a baby
What are we livin' 4? tell me
Let's make love, let's make love
So long have i gazed into your eyes
Wonderin' what they'd look like on a newborn child
I cannot lie when my hand is on your thighs
I'm thinking, isn't it a miracle that life comes from inside?
So long i have listened 2 your voice
Wonderin' what it would sound like coming from a girl or a boy
Isn't it funny that when u're truly in love
How just the thought of such things can bring u so much joy?

And i can't wait no more, oh no
Let's have a baby
Oh girl, come and shut the door, go on, shut it
Let's make love
U wanna make love?

I'm leaving it up 2 u
I'll do what u want 2 do
But u got 2 understand

U're my woman and i'm your man
I can't even go 4 a ride
Believe me, honey, i've tried
Without thinking about a little baby
A baby sittin' right by my side
And if anybody in the whole wide world
Ever thought that they could do that 4 me
They are one mistaken girl
Cuz baby, u got me, u got me open, yes u do
And we're doing just fine
If u really love me, baby
If u can find the time

I can't wait no more
Let's have a baby
Don't u wanna?
What are we livin' 4? tell me, tell me
Let's have a baby
Come on, come on and shut the door, girl
U know what i wanna do
Let's.. let's make love

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