Prince - Minneapolis

Текст песни Prince - Minneapolis

Performed by minneapolis
Composed by sonny t.
M p l(l) s
I used 2 play the gig at archie's bunker
Then i up and joined the jeffersons
I was in a band with lenny kravitz's mama (your mother)
Friday night was good every now and then
Now i'm old and doin' so much better (so much better)
Sellin' the wax out the back o' my subaru
Now i cut this groove with a group called minneapolis (minneapolis)
In this here groove, they know just what 2 do, do

Mpls funkin' house from east 2 west
Mpls funkin' (shut up)
Mpls - clinton listen, a on test
Mpls funkin' (shut up)

Other people's parties they be fightin'
They're pullin' the guns and actin' like a fool
The way i see it, the more good they be writin'
Makin' u wish that u stayed in a funky school (school)
First class - guitar 101, james brown - second hour
Horn part, u ain't got none unless u got tower of power
Bootsy will teach u all u need 2 know about the booty bass (y'all are crazy)
And if u can't play 7, 7 on the drums, u better not show your face (u ain't funky)


Nobody buy my joint, it's cool cuz i got one (hell yeah)
All the others cut 4 radio and cheat the fan
Good time - take us 2 the stage and watch us move your big butt
Cuz everybody, everybody's gettin' funky in this band

Who's in the band guys?
Sgt. rock (sonny t, yeah, that's..that's me) (m) (p)
Sittin' in from st. paul (we're the s-t-e-e-l-e-s) (l) (s)
Cutie pie on vocals (jam) (m)
And by way of queens (master t) (p) (l) (s)
Hey, u ain't supposed 2 be on this record

Mpls funkin' house from east 2 west
Mpls funkin' (shut up)
Mpls - clinton listen, a on test
Mpls funkin'
We just keep funkin'
We just keep funkin'
Get funky

Party people steady pumpin'
Party people steady pumpin'

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