Prince - Mr. Happy

Текст песни Prince - Mr. Happy

{"microphone check" sample repeated in song}
Turn off that weak jam, man
Come on, huh
Mr. happy's here, huh, and we're buggin'

I will take care of u
Whatever u want, i do it right
Oh, i will take care of u
Mr. happy every day and night, oh

I got some money, i got some juice
But somethin's funny, i ain't got u
I comes 2 party (yeah), don't wanna be alone
I need somebody - somebody grown


Oh yeah

Sugarbaby, with the curly hair
Dancin' crazy, underwear
Witcha name on it, lookin' fine ("bought a house next 2 prince") (fine)
Keep smackin' that booty and u'll be mine


Pump it up, pump it up
Brown man, puffin' on a weak jam
Understand this is 80 proof
Guaranteed 2 get your girl loose if she douche
Throw your set up 2 the roof, huh
Third finger down, if u're wild, make a sound

Look at my people gettin' on down (get down, get down)
Skip the remy and let me have some mary tyler moore of that new power soul
Comin' from the midwest passin' every test with a fuzztone remote control

Chorus {x2}
(come on)

Yeah, one, well
I'll make your love come down like a freakin' elevator
In the middle of the night, body vibratin' like a pager
U play the drink, baby, i'll play the chaser
Do i love u? i can't love u cuz i hate cha
See, u got this bad case of the sad face
Dinner at 8, then intercourse at my place
Keep the drapes open, vcr, the whole bit
I know it sound sick, but baby, let's make a flick
Mr. happy, babydoll, i came 2 do damage (i will take care of u)
Rock your world, knock your brain 2 another planet
U know my north pole can generate heat
Been thinkin' about me? hmm, i can see them stains in your sheets
Before the reputation, they all used 2 pass me (i will take care of u)
Now they stop 2 ask me
4 real?
Straight up, the lifestyle of mr. happy

Oh, i will take care of u
Whatever u want, i do it right, oh
Mr. happy every day and night ("bought a house next 2 prince")

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