Prince - Rainbow Children

Текст песни Prince - Rainbow Children

With the accurate understanding of God and His law
They went about the work of building
A new nation
The rainbow children

[Verse 1]
Wise one who understood the law
That was handed down from God long ago
Reflected the true meaning to his woman every day
And she surrendered her discerning of it into his care and keeping
For she trusted he would lead in the right way
Her children in subjection to her, she in subjection to the wise one
The wise one in subjection to the Almighty God
Forever is in subjection to God

Just like the sun, the rainbow children rise
Flying upon the wings of the new translation
See them fly, fly, covenant will be kept this time
Just like the sun, the rainbow children rise

Rainbow children it's time to rise

[Verse 2]
As prophesied, the wise one and his woman
Were tempted by the resistor
He knowing full well the wise one's love for God
Assimilated the woman first and only
Quite naturally chaos ensued
And shield far verbally
Were banished

From the rainbow forever


[Verse 3]
Who is she? Oh father
The everlasting one
The one who came from nothing
And nothing is where everything comes
The one who commands your armor
With the simple phrase 'I am'
Every time that she obeys
She gives birth to the Son of Man, who is this?
Production of a need to need to
Understand others before denials
Do you dream it like
A person the people found so
Never changing one piece of it
To feel like one with the flow
The scales within become unbalanced
And thus began the fall
The sin of one within
The count of sin of one and all


Wise one who understood the law
That was handed down from God long ago
Held fast in his belief
That the Lord would bring him another one
Who loved him so

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