Prince - Ripopgodazippa

Текст песни Prince - Ripopgodazippa

Ripopgodazippa, ripopgodazippa
If u flick of the pink plush, then this brother trippa
Start down at the bass then stop at the treble
Circle the midrange and up go me levels
"precious" by chant? is rockin' the box
This cannot be foreplay cuz this be 2 hot
Up go the left thigh on me shoulder there
Up go the right and me blood pressure there
With my tongue in the cheek of the gold underwear
One yank of the teeth and they off on the chair

Ripopgodazippa, ripopgodazippa
If u flick of the pink plush, then this brother trippa
My girlie, how in the world did u learn this that u know?
Ripopgodazippa, etc. etc. so

This bench that i normally use 4 the weights
My girl, she lay me down and try my soul 2 take
And devilish this night she was before as i'm layin' there
She take it all the way down, the girl go down 2 the hair
She wouldn't move a muscle 4 what seemed like days
My heart stop beating and i died this way



I lay me girl down on the fake lamb fur

It's fake but it's still soft as what's between her
Lavender oil come from the bottle like i do
Whenever i think about me zippa rippin' so good
All down the body and devil between the thighs
Ripop go zippa and u get a big surprise



Instead of walking inside, i just knock on the door
I take a look around until she beggin' me "more, more, more!"
When i finally come inside, i'm standin' perfectly still
"i can't take no more!" pump u then i will
"i just wanna call your name, but i don't know what 2 say"

If u're always with me
U'll never have 2 call me
Touch?, touch?


Ripopgodazippa (ripopgodazippa)
Etc. etc. so


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