Prince - The Love We Make

Текст песни Prince - The Love We Make

Desperate is the day that is 2morrow
4 those who do not know the time has come
2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow
From the table god set 4 his son
Wicked is the witch that stands 4 nothing
All the while watching 2 see u fall
Deeper than the ditch that bred your suffering
The one being dug right now by them all

Happy is the way 2 meet your burdens
No matter how heavy or dark the day
Pity on those with no hope 4 2morrow
It's never as bad as it seems until we say

Precious is the baby with a mother

That tells him that his saviour is coming soon
All that believe will cleanse and purify themselves
Put down the needle, put down the spoon {x2}

Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, oh
While seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take, oh
Blessed are we inside this prayer
4 in the new world, we will be there

The only love there is, is the love we make {x2}
(the only love there is, is the love we make)
Only love there is, only love there is
The only love there is, is the love we make (yeah)
The only love there is, is the love we make

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