Prince - The Same December

Текст песни Prince - The Same December

[Verse 1]
One side was black and the other one white
And they both understood so little
That they spent their whole lives trying 2 tell each other what time it was
And all along it did not matter what either said
Because, because

[Chorus 1]
U only know what u know
U only see what your heart will show
U only love when your soul remembers
We all come from the same December
And in the end that's where we'll go
So let's go

[Verse 2]
There once was a golden idol that went 2 the winners
Needless 2 say, it didn't make 'em feel any less a sinner
Cause the very next morning the whole damn world was the same
Yes it was
The idol's still shining but the voice inside it said
"There ain't no winners in this game

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
There once was an angel
Who most certainly watched over me
But if it got me through the day
Is it crazy?
Yeah, I'll be crazy

Until the demons fall as far as anyone can fall
When they reap what they done sowed, I'll be standing tall
We spend our whole lives trying 2 dog the other man
When what we need 2 do is try to give him all we can

[Chorus 1]

Let's go
Let's go

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