Prince - Valentina

Текст песни Prince - Valentina

Hey valentina tell your mama
She should give me a call
When she get tired of running
After you down the hall

Before you came onto the scene it was a hollywood mess
Your mama was a movie queen
She was one of the best

[Verse 1]
Every boy had the hots for her
Around the world even girls adored her
Mexican bombshell
Come to conquer the west

Hey valentina tell ur mama
She should give me a call
When she get tired of runnin'
After you down the hall

[Verse 2]
And she's all worn out
From those late night feedings
And she ready for another
Rock and roll meeting

Oh valentina tell ur mama
She should give me a call
Your uncle Sam used to hold it down
Every day
Watch the bootyguards
Scarecrow the buzzards away
Like an aeroplane the time flies over
So many guys they couldn't get
Your sweet little mama to stay
Curvier than
A fender stratocaster guitar
Reality bender... from no green card
To superstar
Broken up slang even when
The king of hollywood ain't that tall
Sho as betty's ugly
Your mama's bigger than 'em all
Hey valentina
Tell ur mama she should call up mia
In advance
If Penelope wants to cruz
There ain't no way that we ain't going to dance

Tell ur mama should should give me a call
That's all

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