Profyle - Liar (Teddy Ryley Remix)

Текст песни Profyle - Liar (Teddy Ryley Remix)

Featuring Cap.One

Hershey, LJ, Baby Boy, Face
Meets Teddy Riley
Check the Profyle
Remix, TR
Yo, Royal Profyle
Let me hear you say GO

Tell my why did you do this to me
After we made plans for a family
And you sweared you would bare my child
All the while you were out running wild
With your friends spendin all my ends
And I caught you screamin oooh out with him
I think it's time I let you know you can go
There's the door

1 - You're nothing but
A liar, a cheater, a deciever, heartbreaker
And I wont let you back in my life
So I'm taking
The house, the cars, the kids, and the dog
I want it all
You're nothing but
A liar, a cheater, a deceiver, heart breaker
And I wont let you back in my life
So I'm taking
The house, the cars, the kids, and the dog
I want it all
You're nothing but

Seven years I have lived this lie
When inside you made me cry
Through it all I still remained
Till you messed up and called me his name

Please don't explain
You go your way and I'll maintain
Don't worry the kids are okay
Just remember you made it this way

Repeat 1

Uh What?
Yeah Cap.One yeah
I put you in a crib with the cut, the kids
Had you living it up
With the affairs deep in the truck
Thinking I'm nuts
Feeling sick off the fact
He hittin' them guts
And when I'm gone you're givin' it up
What's the meaning of love?
If I can't hold you, and believe in the trust
Givin' up, girl this just the flux, keepin' them cuts
When I'm sitting alone and I'm thinking of us
I want it all you can leave on a bus
Ain't nothing left to discuss
I wanted to be the one to hold you and mold you
Then you let another playa stroke you and sold you
That hearts get broken, this the game of life
Had you set brigets first name the price
And it's nothing, life is life I know that now
But I'm cool, that's my son I owe that child
I get the cribs, cars, the dog, you so damn foul
And by the while let me hit it before you back out
Come on yeah

Repeat 1 by Teddy Riley

Repeat 1 by Profyle till end

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