Puff Daddy - Picture It

Текст песни Puff Daddy - Picture It

Verse One: Jay-Z

Picture me ballin' in the drop top, open skies
in something foreign, soarin', 145
The God is calling for my body, let my spirit fly
I want it all (uh uh), no lie
Picture me pourin' popping something imported
pedal flooring, precious bottles with Lauryn
Now picture me falling...

Puff Daddy:

...Never seen, never heard
never happened, never occurred
Now picture me flying 10,000 feet above the sea
popping bubbly you'd love to be me
Now picture the service in the cabin with the sweetest massage
picture having ice and only want to speak to God
Picture your dreams being shattered and your cream being lavished
at the same time, tell me what you think matters
Picture all of the money that I've gotten off tours
now picture me plotting for more


Tell me do you like it (yeah)
wanna do the things that I do
Tell me do you want it (yeah)
wanna know what it's like in my shoes

Tell me do you need it (yeah)
wanna see the things that I see
Tell me do you want it (yeah)
wanna know what it's like to be me

Verse Two: Puff Daddy

Picture me wildin', fiendin', reaching for tools
straight flipping, losing my cool
Now picture me gritty, P Diddy 'bout to run in your house
the gun is with me, put one in your mouth
Picture me dressed in white linen fucking 1,000 women
slightly grinning, picture that priceless image
Picture me broke as fuck on the block about to open up
like OKAAAAAAY, player what's up


Picture me driving a course through your home, bustin' at you
screaming at the top of my lungs "YOU FUCKING WITH WHO?"
Picture me not being that hustler dude
picture the Benz a 5 and the drop not new
Picture the watch ain't platinum and the rocks not blue
picture y'all niggaz not knowing how I do
Picture me, better yet picture you
painting a better picture than the one that I drew


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