Quasi - Our Happiness Is Guaranteed

Текст песни Quasi - Our Happiness Is Guaranteed

Orbiting pods, underwater domes -
We fill our tanks with oxygen to step outside our homes.
Once it was hard, now it's just routine
And I can't tell the difference between people and machine.
Love wasda problem for our ancestors;
It's not such a problem anymore.
Breeding as a science proved it has no use at all
And it mostly disappeard when we eliminated war.
There's comfort and control, it's safe for you and me.

News for the surface shows how hard life there can be.
why live in danger ? why live with pain ?
People from the surface find it hard to explain.
And every little thing is strictly monitored;
We're given everything we need.
Fed by I.V., we rarely need to sleep -
There's no pointless dreaming and out happiness is guaranteed.

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