Quasimoto - 24-7

Текст песни Quasimoto - 24-7

[Intro: Madlib]
Like a .357 hitting on 365
Checking them dead or alive
With my man

[Verse 1: Medaphoar]
Listen up
I make it pop when I drop the rhyme
No [?] your spot that mops
MC's out the box so I remain on top
Number one contender assassin
Blast a rhymes attracting
Green weed, bitches and cash
Then I'm (mashin' in fashion)
Southern Cali' wild raise for action
Crazed will leave the rhymes packed in
My verbal clip come packed for easy access
The fact, is your crew is backwards
Stepping up to the real
Yo MC shady got the record deals
Lyrically getting peels, still
I feel you recognize
There's more than just size
It's all about do you got heart
And do you come real with rhymes
Times up, never run up
[?] you getting done up
Paralyzed from the neck up
Hold the checking up, doing up
Crews for the coming up
I [?] so when it comes to cash
I speed fast past to leave you whiplashed
To watch we spread around like crabs
To quickly get in that ass
For the future present and past
Lacing tracks like hash

[Hook: Medaphoar]
Checking weak, mark MC's
Everyday, all day
Is where I stay
Deep on the west
Real MC's don't play
We lay it down just like that
Or better yet like this
Rhymes on deck
Leaving fake MC's check (echo)

[Bridge: Quasimoto]
The Ill Loop Digga...

[Verse 2: Madlib]
Ch-Check one two two (one) two
I come through
Like volcanic eruption, Ginsu
Knives cutting right through you
Hit you off with lyrical stanzas (stanzas)
Hit you off with questions or answers
Running through MC's like
Cancel you (doot)
Can't compete
When I throw on my beat
When I write a rap
When I get on the turntables and scratch
Nigga's try to attach
Y'all nigga's get snatched up (smashed up)
Mashed up (crashed up) for trying to act up (act up)
Why you half step (half step) to my rep (rep)
Now you're going in debt (going in debt)
The Ill Loop dig upon set word back
Got to give like I'm hitting headcracks
Going through your back like some lead black
Never give a wack nigga no slack
Get the [prozac?]
Niggas always hollering about
"Where the hoes at"
"I don't even like that nigga man"
But where my foes at
"Hey I'm going to take that nigga out man you see my strap"
Bunch of bluffing
"Kill that nigga, right now"
And everyone knows that

[Hook: Madlib] x2
Check the weak, mark MC's
Everyday all day
Is where I stay
Deep on the west
Real MC's don't play
We lay it down just like that
Or better yet like this
Rhymes on deck
Leaving fake MC's check

{Oh, the universe}
{Oh the universe}
{We must get closer to the essence of life}
{But beware that it take courage and strife}

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