Quasimoto - Broad Factor

Текст песни Quasimoto - Broad Factor

[Verse 1]
I know you're tired of dumb shit so check this here
I see the neck-breaking, butt-shaking freaks of this year
Yeah, so peep the steelo of how it go
Your neck turning cos your head already know
So pass that ---- and watch Quas dip fast
And have honeys back of the jeep catching whiplash
Backs so fat, have you all on smile
Take my dip to the motel, do things that make you raise your eyebrows
I'm coming soon, y'all about to get ----
So hit that poon but protect your d---
Eject, wrong, I'm still stabbing with my prong
I be blowing up lots, you'd think you were sitting on a nail bomb
Stay on and keep rocking please
I feel sorry for them blind men, they ain't seeing these
Acting, we roll with bad tens or basics
After I'm done I pass her off to the next faces

She got your head turning cos she knows her backs is fat
Shake it up like this and a little like that
She got your head turning cos her face ain't wack
Move on like this and then like that
She got your head turning, she look like a snack

Now it's on like this and then like that
She got your head turning cos her backs is fat
Shake it up like this and then like that

[Verse 2]
Them backs pack energy like nuclear reactors
My name is Lord Quas and this be the broad factor
After, she soon choose me I'll take a toke
I'll ---- your girl here or over there, a million strokes
No jokes, I see tan lines and start aiming mines
That girl's so fine, a hundred dumb niggas in line
Bumped into my old ex-girl, now we blending
Menage a trois, don't say jack, then walk quiet like a ninja
I enter, freaks, so you should expect
To practice yoga so we can get the other postions set
You got sexed up, and guess what, I'm the one that hit it
You won't neglect it cause my jim be employing paramedics
I get it, yeah and it'll stay that way
I know you'll be back, you know I got some dimes on layaway
And I'll be here freaking fly honeys that make you sweat
Do me a favor and tell your girl that I ain't finished yet


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