Quasimoto - Bullyshit

Текст песни Quasimoto - Bullyshit

Hey Quas, let em know why you the bad character

I only come out when the sky gets dark, in the night time
We get sharp light, when it's the right time
I run around town scalping old folks for butter knives
No regards for nothing, we all up on the gutter life
I keep it on the down low, just like a terrorist
Planning out the illest shit but always keep it errorless
I'm like a bully that started out in the first grade
Picking out the chumps in class, that's when the nurse came
Sticking pencils in the hand of the principal
Heh, there's nothing you can tell me cuz i'm feeling indismissable.
Yo it's the bad character, you know the routine
Smoking dough in the back of the church with with Rev too clean
Hey Willie, imma never grow up
I got toys from my others
The last person that took us is permanently swimming with fishes
give a what you think of my life, hitting every wife cuz we all up on strife

Hey Quas, leave him alone...oh shit

I tie you up to the back of my car
Take a phone trip, after ten drinks at a bar
It's like a belt yo, I be hitting mad tail
Doom's nominated for the best rolled L's
Quas is nominated for the best sold spells
Madlib is often hated because he has less cells
The new breed, Quasimoto take-over
Connect the dots so we can get the...shake rover
Leave a taste of baking soda
Thought I told ya to take a piss like you was my stepson
The chosen one, come and get some
Like one time this brotha blew my bathroom up trying to get relief
But didn't know I roll my toilet paper on poison ivy leaf
Heh, give a what you think of my life, hitting every wife cuz we all up on strife

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