Quasimoto - Green Power

Текст песни Quasimoto - Green Power

[Verse 1: Quasimoto]
I know you didn't cut that whole thing
It happened last month anyway
I had my eyes on you (here's the deal)
We just been walking about a week or two
What put you on the block anyway?
A kid, an old man, the drugs, probably all three
(Here's the deal) Wouldn't be no news to me
Cause ain't nothin under a rock that I ain't seen
I'm just a guy collectin my money smokin green
Nothing's gonna happen to you, at least nothin new
Cry and cry alone it's cool I'm black too
If you know what's good for you (shh)
You make enough cheese you could be my main boo
Smile (if you know what's good for you)


I'm takin care of business, like they say

Green is business, they say oh boss screamin the funny way
Comes all the way in a circle is what I mean
It all starts and finishes with green (right?)

[Verse 2: Madlib]
Green ain't only money you know
It's silence, country, and things that grow
You could have your foot in a drift or watchin B
That's where it's at, in a funny way, if you follow me
(Then) maybe I'll work on my ratio some
("Case the judgement come")
(Just smoking everything green) is a lick no matter where you place it
(Green) is the color today always been patient
The (green) on my seeds change everyday
(Let us do unto you they say)
Green is a life bag in a different way
But it could lead to a death bag too (neon red anyway)
It could lead to a death bag too (neon red anyway)

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