Quasimoto - Hittin' Hooks

Текст песни Quasimoto - Hittin' Hooks

[Verse 1]
Now this might sound disgusting and very gross
But it's sure to have you tripping, so y'all listen close
It's not bright like the sun, but sweet like sugar
It's rather on the bugged tip and it's called hitting hookers
Now what I'm displaying might not be kosher to you
But it's still something Astro Black has to do
So go up one skin with a finger or two
Then put three more for the rest of the crew
Don't ty to front like it's so gloomy and grey
Cause we all hit them hooks sometimes or every day
Whether out in the open or on the sneak tip
Use your fingers or some objects, just spread them two lips
Take it from Lord Quas cause I'm never joking
And also, remember this slogan
Yo ho, what's for dinner?
Let me go up your legs and let my tongue enter

Hitting hookers (Repeat x4)

[Verse 2]
Well I was walking down to Gates Avenue
Just got done clothes shopping, spending revenue
When up walked this cutie had a big fat ass
Super fly sugar shaped like an hourglass
I couldn't move, I was just about
But all of a sudden homegirl straight pulled out
Her fat brown... nah I ain't gonna say it
But it probably weighed a hundred pounds if you tried to weigh it
I sat there for a while with it in my hand
So I tried to play it cool like I was the man
So we went up to my crib so I could get into that

All of a sudden she sat dead in my lap
My ??? inside laughing like it was all a joke
But a brother like Lord Quas had almost choked
So I dug in my pants and pulled out about nine
And splashed every last fruit right inside of her eye
Hey yo she tried to jump up and say "What's wrong with you?"
Then wiped it off her face and said "I can't mess with you"
Like if I did something that was so full of shame
But yo y'all gots to know the name of the game


[Verse 3]
One night at Club Becks yeah I was standing with Chuck
And saw this gorgeous young lady that I wanted to...
I knew sure enough that I really did want it
So, no half stepping, I pushed up on it
Had on the Helly Hansen and a knot that was fat
Had the spotlight beaming on my Astro Black hat
But when she stepped in the light and got right on my shit
She had mad fat blisters at the tip of her lips
She was dressed real fresh and her body was hook
But them dried up blisters just ruined her look
I tried to tell her about it, but I couldn't be raw
So I played it off and said, "Eh you need Blistex for them cold sores?"
I was hoping from that she would walk away
But she didn't do nothing, I guess she wanted to stay
She started asking for my number, I said I don't mean to diss you
But let me shake your hand cause I'm never gonna kiss you


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