Quasimoto - Planned Attack

Текст песни Quasimoto - Planned Attack

While we hit you with another one of them old phenomenal shits

[Verse 1]
(Yo it's the master don yo I hit you off lazy
With my nigga) Lord Quas in the place, master race MCs
Coming through like Thelonious Monk
Madlib drop the horniest funk
I'll leave you sunken like a crackhead's ass
Drop the math on that ass fast
Cause if we battle your whole crew will be coming up in last
Place, I hit you with a slow or fast pace
Unconceptual mold, new breed to wreck the whole space
We'll take you out, lacerate cause you was blind
(Hey Lord Quas did you hear the voices that you left behind?)
Ayo, are you the one? And are you the one?
That took that nigga's life without using a gun

(Rappers act so wild, and love to profile
Fronting hard but ain't got no style)

[Scratched Hook]

Filthy from the ground on up
When I plan my attack I doubt that you're ready

[Verse 2]
Y'all niggas sham like y'all rolling on weight
Your masquerade is hypocritical, y'all heading for fate
Making the rap game look pitiful (What they doing?)
If it was up to me we would get rid of y'all
Put a lid on all y'all fake ass niggas contradicting
(I ain't say that)
But when I drop my shit it's like I put my dick in
The snare kicking, Madlib rush through thinking
(Yeah I got beats for y'all to battle right here)
Now watch the plot thicken
I shut my ears while you run the lip service
On purpose and get nervous cause I'm about to serve this

(You ain't paid, you ain't paid
You ain't paid then your grade is incomplete)

[Scratched Hook]

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