Queen Latifah - Fly Girl

Текст песни Queen Latifah - Fly Girl

Fly Girl (Brixton Bass Mix)

Well, it's almost nightfall
and there's no forecast of rainfall
and I'm in the mood for a party
so I'm gonna go out to a club
and give the dancefloor body
so I jump in the car and go to the venue
walk in the door and now I'm on the menu
guys in the house, they're wacthing me
they're clocking me, there's no stopping me

(desire) I know you want me
(you're fine) thank you
but I'm not the type of girl that you think I am
I don't jump into the arms of every man
(but I'm paid) I don't need your money
(I love you) you must be mad
easy lover is something that I ain't
besides, I don't know you from a can of paint

tell me why is it when I walk past the guys
I always hear, yo, baby?
I mean like what's the big idea?
I'm a queen, nuff respect
treat me like a lady
and, no, my name ain't yo and I ain't got your baby
I'm looking for a guy who's sincere
one with class and savoir faire
I'm looking for someone who has to be
perfect for the queen latifah me

(fly girl, fly girl)
(come here, cuz you're sexy and you're fine)
(and I want you to be mine)
(fly girl, fly girl)
(have no fear, your heart is in good hands)
(won't you let me be your man?)

all my friends are in relationships
some of then good ones and some of them bad ones
some of the bad ones took a turn for the better

and some of the good ones ended up sad ones
you see? loving, it ain't hard to get
I want a friend not just a lover
someone who is dedicated only to me
not to me and two or three others
one who will not lie to me or think
he can get my love by buying me
I know I'll find him some day
and when I find him
he sure won't say

(repeat refrain)

(fly girl, fly girl
(come here, cuz you're sexy and you're fine)
(and i want you to be mine)
(fly girl, fly girl, have no fear)
(have no fear, your heart is in good hands)
(won't you let me be your man?)

lounging, sitting in the house
and I'm cooling, first day of the week
so there's nothing to do
and I'm in the mood for a real soft kiss
momma never said there'll be days like this
so I called her and we talked for a while
hang up the phone feeling better
with a smile

it's cool, cuz 91 is my year
and this time I know I?m gonna hear

(fly girl, fly girl, come here)
(come here, cuz you're sexy and you're fine)
(and I want you to be mine)
(fly girl, fly girl)
(have no fear, your heart is in good hands)
(won't you let me be your man?)

(repeat refrain)

fly girl (15x)

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User comments
21 октября в 16:12

это песня о том, что настоящие девушки не продаются, о том, что неискренние мужчины им не нужны. А еще о том, что не надо отчаиваться и однажды настоящая девушка встретит такого же настоящего мужчину, который будет принадлежать только ей.

User comments

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