Queen Latifah - Just Another Day

Just Another DayQueen Latifah4:28

Текст песни Queen Latifah - Just Another Day

(Queen Talking)
We gon take this one over to 275 Paulstand
384 Steuyversant, we gon take it over to
155 Morgan
144 Harrison

Chorus: (1x)
Just Another Day, living in the hood
Just another day around the way
Feelin good today, feelin lovely-yay
Just another day, living in the hood
Just another day around the way
Feelin good today
I hear the(gunshot), but I'm here to stay

[Verse 1]
Well it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
A beautiful day in the neighbor-hood
Can't go wrong, I feel strong and the flavor's good
I'm wit whateva comes my way, hip-hop hooray
Latifah's on vacation, I'm just plain on day to day
I strap out, step out in every direction
Glock, tech's, jimmy hat's, in case I need protection
So I land cruise, play I wanna be's
A kid in the increase gettin jack right in front of me
So I pull the tech close, my finger's on the trigger
Don't wanna get wet, so they step
Cause mine's is slighty bigger
But better yet, I'ma threat, so ya better walk
Or get sketched out in chalk, cause I don't wanna talk
I stay true blue, I'm hopin it's you too
I got the fever for the flava of a??????
So it's back to the block time to play
It's just another day around the way, hey

[Chorus: 1x]

[Verse 2]
Time to chill, hit the hill, uptown let's keep it sight's
Shoot some pool, act a fool, cause it's own tonight
I'm doin the knowledge, it's not easy, easy
Watchin a cop cuff a kid for sellin a clip to a D.T.
But it's home, so I flex, get pressure's off my chest
Slip in a tape, now which hood should I hit next
Stomach ache, had a steak, and take for a bean pie
Get a final call for the brother in a bow-tie
I'm from little kid's, dream, and fiend for fun
Lots of laughter moms, no pops playin wit her son
I pass by a girl wake, they say she died at seven
Hit by a stray, but I pray their's a hood in heaven
Fake brother's claim their's no shame in they're game
You know my name, show me a real nigga wit a brain
Too it's back to the block time to play
It's just another day around the way, hey

[Chorus: 1x]

[Verse 3]
You know I gotta get props, I can't stop, wit out y'all
I be nothin, no wreckin, no checkin, no rhymin, no cuttin
No stages from pages, no phones, no beeper's
No reason to put Queen in front of the name Latifah
I come with the real like respectin in rule
Cause me and my peoples around the way remain cool
So it's back to the block time to play
It's just another day, around the wha, around the muthafuckin way

[Chorus until fade]

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