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Текст песни Queen - One Vision (Extended Version)

One man, one goal,
One mission.
One heart, one soul,
Just one solution.
One flash of light,
Yeah, one god, one vision.

One flash, one bone,
One true religion,
One voice, one hope,
One real decision,
Wowowowo, gimme one vision!

No wrong, no right,
I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white!
No blood, no stain,
All we need is one world wide vision.

One flash, one bone,
One true religion.
One race, one hope,
One real decision,
Wowowowo, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

I had a dream,
When I was young,
A dream of sweet illusion,
A glimpse of hope and unity
And visions of one sweet UNIОN,
But a cold wind blows,

And a dark rain falls,
And in my heart it shows,
Look what they've done to my dream.

So give me your hands,
Give me your hearts,
I'm ready,
There's only one direction,
One world, one nation,
Yeah, one vision.

No hate, no fight,
Just excitation,
All through the night,
It's a celebration wowowowo, yeah.

One flash, one bone
One true religion
One voice, one hope,
One real decision.

Gimme one night,
Gimme one hope,
Just gimme,
One man, one man
One bar, one night
One day hey hey,
Just gimme, gimme, gimme,
Fried chicken!

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