Quiet Riot - Angry

AngryQuiet Riot5:22

Текст песни Quiet Riot - Angry

Not a lover not a fighter
Always out of my league
Sometimes maybe
Life ain't what it seems
There's a man in the back say's
I gotta keep still
Someone at the front door
Says just do what you will
Do what you will !
My ears are ringing
With voices unclear
The sun is setting
Is it love or is it fear

I'm angry
I'm an angry young man
When love ain't enough
Angry-I'm an angry young man when
My heart's gettin tough
I'm an angry young man
Yes I am !

Running down the alley
On a hot summer's day
Fellin kinda dangerous-trouble
One step away
Well I'm walkin the walk
And I'm talkin the talk
But when it comes to lovin
I'm alone in the dark
Yes I am !
Runnin on empty under the gun

The pressure's building
The storm has just begun...

I'm an angry young man
When love ain't enough
Angry-I'm an angry young man when
My heart's gettin tough
Angry I'm an angry young man when
I can't get enough
I'm an angry young man
When push comes to shove
I'm an angry young man !

Give it to me !

I got emotional baggage
That I drag around
With all this dirty laundry
I gotta get outa town
Yes I do !
Say hello to my demons
I count then as friends
Ain't no denyin they'll be here til
The end.

Cause I'm angry...

Angry, angry I feel hopeless
Angry angry, I love my face.

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