Quiet Riot - Beggars And Thieves

Текст песни Quiet Riot - Beggars And Thieves

[Verse 1:]
Grain of sand, no man?s land, I wanna fly
Fade away, that?s okay, I enjoyed the ride
Incognito, fireflies, burning up my eyes
Sanctify or receive a fortune full of lies
Cover me- Disconnected all the way down
I Gotta hold on

Beggars and thieves
They won?t bring you no peace
Beggars and thieves
They're living on a one way street
Standing on the edge of madness
I look down and what do I see
Beggars and thieves

[Verse 2:]
Detour ahead-it pretends to save the day
Full of hope, low on faith, I feel compelled to pray
Overwhelmed with emotion, the tea has been brewed
Indiscreet and abandoned, I guess I?m pretty well screwed
Forgive me, feeble minded out of control
Break down, shakedown


Safe cracker, scene stealer, a thief of the first degree
Heartbreakers with no takers What does it mean?
Dreaming of at time with no pain, Dreaming of the time when they came
Nothing here but faded pictures, kinda smooth with faded textures

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