R Kelly - Down Low Double Life

Текст песни R Kelly - Down Low Double Life

down low double life
1 2 equals us she she and me i fell in loves
how could something so right go so wrong
just coming in on flight 412
but she was listening on the phone
i thought i had it all together
but i was wrong obviously
cuz what was once done in the dark
came to light eventually

1 living down low down low
living that double life
living down low down low
living that double life
it ain't right

i don't believe the shit i did the night we were at your mom's
i got a page from out of town lied and said it was my job
grabbed my hat coat gloves and scarf
i told you that i would return
but by the look upon your face you had already discerned
you pulled me to the side and you begged for me to stay
but i was caught up in a life that forced me to walk away

repeat 1

okay you you're saying you came in and
and these two women they they poured
nah nah nah nah nah it wasn't nothing like that
all i know is uh i was asleep they came in
woke me up pourin' hot grits
and all kinds of shit on me man okay beatin' me and shit
hittin' me with all sorts of type shit damn

with a cigar in my mouth over vegas city lights

on a path way up the hill to be with my other wife
a rich nigga living strife going on like nothing's wrong
but that damn caller id is the reason for this song
so one called up the other while i was out playing some golf
talking 'bout my doggish ways and how i need to be droppped off

repeat 1

now go ahead shoot me now because i'm guilty as sin
playin' russian roulette with hearts not to mention the kids
now every day i live i regret all that i did
out smoking with friends as i reminisced

repeat 1

i can't take it no more i've got to confess
see now i don't know why
i thought that i could keep creeping
cuz you see what goes around
comes back on around and back on around
and back on around again yes it does
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
in a state of shock that's what it left me
take it from a man who knows
that three ain't company
no no no that's what i kept telling myself
now i done lost the houses the kids and the dogs
now i'm sleeping in my momma's house
and even she says your sorry ass don't deserve no help
must be because of what my old man did to her

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