R Kelly - I Wish (Remix)

Текст песни R Kelly - I Wish (Remix)

Yo, what up, my n****
You know I was in the hood
I just thought Id stop by
Holler at you for a minute
Pour out a little liquor or somein

N****, we done been through a lot of s*** together
From runnin these streets to bein down for whatever
And now that youre gone I got a whole lot of s*** to
tell you
Things I shouldve said way back when we was younger

Remember when we used to roll hand in hand
And now Im trippin on how I really miss you, man
And remember when you and me would say
Wed get up out this hood and everything would be okay

Its all good now (My n****)
We out the hood now (Mmm)
We had the same ideas, but not the same careers
We shared the same old laugh, and now the same tears

You were my homie, my sconey, my Roni
My n**** and never placed no b**** before me
Man, I sear to God I love for that s***
Whyd you have to get hit
Where was I, what time was it

You were supposed to get older with me
On stage, hands on shoulders with me
Coppin them Range Rovers with me
Sittin on thangs and smokin trees

And if it wasnt for the will that God had made
Id turn back the hands of time and take your place
Sittin here sippin on this Hennessy
Just thinkin about how much you meant to me (My n***)

Even when youre gone you will always be my n****
When you went home Im still missin you, my n****
Im feelin like the timing was wrong, my n****
I know youre smilin down sayin carry on, my n****

Some times my nights can get long, my n****
Some times I feel God did me wrong, my n****
So I had to write a song, my n****
Just to let you know that youre still my n****

I wish, I wish, I wish (Oh, I)
I wish, I wish, I wish

Little son is lookin at me like, Where is my daddy?
And your 13-year old daughter is mad cause she
Promised your mama Id take care of the family
But shes so hurt, she turns away my helpin hands

Damn, I wish your a** was here, my n****
To grow that gray beard and smoke that cigar, my n****
And we would talk about you gettin up out this game
And you would tell me how it keeps callin your name

(We used to ride-ride-ride)
Never afraid to (Die-die-die)
But some times we (Cry-cry-cry)
Askin the Lord (Why-why-why)
Theyre tearin down these projects

We were homies for like 20 thug years
Sat in church and cried the same thug tears
You remember when Vibe World Premier
How we used to share the same old gear

And remember when you and me would say
Wed get up out this hood and everything would be okay

(Its all good now) My n****
We out the hood now
Its so easy for folks to say, Rob, just live on
When Im dyin every second that youre gone
Nevertheless I try my best to be strong
Hopin you said your prayers before you went on home

When we stood on these blocks and just shot the breeze
Wed slapbox dead in the middle of streets
And if a fight broke out, you would take up for me
Youre all I have left of these ghetto memories

I wish, I wish, I wish (Oh, I)
I wish, I wish, I wish

Uh, uh, yo dog, I cant explain how I miss you
We stayed together, coppin cane, poppin pistols
I miss you most
Puttin the doo rag over your bean head
Even out the hood on the scene you brag (Whoa)
Comin up off the fiends for bags
Runnin up out the cleaners, drag
You was the closest n**** I had
Look how we stayed aces
Hustled, made big faces
I wish we could trade places
F*** givin you ice, Id rather give you life
And the things that I had, Id give you twice (Oh,

So what the deal, my n****, I know you holdin it down
If you could see me you would say Im talkin soft
right now
But its hard for me to see when Imma see you again
And I know its f***ed up, I gotta talk through this
But youd died for the love of the dough
The love of the block, 16 you was runnin the spot
Boy, your mama used to hate how we stood on the curb
Hangin with wild thug n****s, smokin the herb (Mmm,
hmm, hmm)
Im gonna keep pourin this liquor and thats my word
This here is for n****s that be flippin them birds
Word up!

Even though you know you will always be my n****
Even though youre gone you will also be my n****
Im feelin like the time when Im high, my n****

Im feelin like time
Im strung out, sayin, Radio, please dont take the
n**** out this song
Let it play on, go on, on
So I had to write this song, my n****
Just to let you know that youre still my n****

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