R Kelly - I'm A Beast

Текст песни R Kelly - I'm A Beast

[Chours: R. Kelly]
So get it understood boy
I am from the hood boy
Came up from the dirt
Self made hustler ima beast(ima beast)

[Verse 1]
Im surrounded by all these deviled mouths they talking about kells
Some say i came from heaven but i rose up from hell
And ever since i rose up success has been my sell
So call the hits my lawyer cause they got me out on bail
Neva been a snitch boy
Neva been a bitch boy
Why i gotta hate on you look at me im rich boy
You need a steerin' wheel the way you ridin' my dick boy
Say youse a go getta go get your own shit boy
What it's gon' take for you mouthafuckas to understand ima R&B boss
Kells think he a rapper naw bitch im just tryna get my point across
Niggas hatin' on niggas man yall kno yall keep up shit
Thats why when it come to these hits im gon keep up shit
Keep risin to the top keep gettin' that money
Keep laughin at you clown cuz you clowns is funny
I've been grindin' for 17 years tryna keep the peace
Well now you mouthafuckas done bought out the beast


[Verse 2]
When i was young all my dreams seemed so far
Cumin' up was so hard
Now ima rockstar
Cuz all i do is rock bars
I stays on fire just look at the hot cars
You need a hit from kells alright my nigga no problem
Im clean but im dirty
Im good but im the worst
Im last and im first
Im blessed and im cursed
But my career is soaring while my life is a hot mess
But the deapth of my struggle determines the hieght of my success
I believe that
Whatever billion dollars tryna see that
Whatever billion ima be still askin where the weed at
Hits lots of clubs take lots of shots of patron
Hold my middle finger up tell haters to get the fuck on
Stay shinin' boy
Stay grimy boy
Keep these fine ass bitches strait eyen' me boy

Now where you gon' hear a better name
Im 17 years in the game
Still continuin to make it rain
To put these fools to shame
Ima a beast

So get it understood boy
I am from the hood boy
Came up from the dirt
Self made hustler ima beast(ima beast)
So get it understood boy
I am from the hood boy
Came up from the dirt
Self made hustler ima beast
Wait a minute waita minute where u goin
U ain't goin no motherfuckin(ima beast) where i got more to say bitch
Cool breeze
Look at me

[Verse 3]
Yall smile up in my face and talk shit in back of me
I got the ball im tryna shoot but yall niggas keep hackin me
Could it be that ima king cause R&B been good to me
Or could it be that youse a lame that hate the game and can't beat me
I used to rep the CHI but now i kno my worth
I still rep the CHI but Earth is my turf nigga!
I been around the world
Flown bitches round the world
Heard rumors round the world
Still im touring round the world
Talk about me on your records to make ya sales better
Play it backwards it probably say (Kells is the coolest ever)
So dont think this is a song its a taste of my wrath
Bet til your neverous nigga i got a dick and a half
Ima beast


Ha ha niggas got ur ass
I would call out some mouthfuckin names but its so many of you mouthafuckas hatin
Song ain't mouthinfuckin long enough bitch ass niggas
Fade that shit
Maybe on the remix nigga
I'll call your name out you gotta stay tuned for that shit im tryn to sell records im a business man

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