R Kelly - Reality

Текст песни R Kelly - Reality

She didnt have a house, a house up in the hills
I never heard her ask for some car with the chromed out wheels
But all she wanted was some love and affection
But all I did all the time was neglect
The fact that she was lonely, I used to be her homey
I used to talk about how I was gonna get us out of the hood
But as long as were together as a family, then its all good

1 - Because any man can make a baby
But it takes a real man to be a father
Talking bout a family, the kid, you and me
Its not a fantasy, but its reality
You see love is wrong and love is right
But if love is strong then love is tight
Talking bout a chemistry like a bride-to-be
Its not a fantasy, but its reality

Be careful were the words the last time we had our talk
And your truth sound absurd so my pride just let you walk
When all the time knowing that I didnt mean

To hollar out and call you bitch and tell you leave
I admit it, I was wrong but now its over come on home
I cant take it here is where you belong
Even out the window looking for the mailman
I hope hes got a letter says, Im missing you, in the mail
And then I saw you with another, made it hard for me to breathe
But when I played the game for gives
I shouldve played the game for keeps

Repeat 1

Now I wore the shoes that you talked about in your song
But its been a change Ive got a new pair on, yes
Now every night and day I still await
At the lonely spot in the hills
And think about how you set the record straight
Any man can

Repeat 1 until fade

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