R Kelly - Show Down

Текст песни R Kelly - Show Down

I feel that the time is here
for you to bring your body here
and give me what I waited for
hurry up come in and close the door
Im about to get up on it
feed me girl cuz im so hungry
got plenty money but im still lonely
gotta have you now cuz me so horny
black and asian girl tattoo on ya tummy
thump out of scale but ima make you love ma
since im afrodisea baby girl its on
i promise you i will do all the words to this song

Show down
(im about to lay your)
Body down
(rodeo be like)
Up and down
(about to show you how i)
Go down
(its about to be a)2x's

I be making you my lady
and she shit got me going crazy
anything that you want me to do
i will do anything cuz im feeling you
oof in this club girl you dance so freaky
talk alot ish with a look so kinky
acting like you want me to turn you down
at of two black what kelly take me now
black and asian girl tattoo on ya tummy
thump out of scale but ima make you love ma
since im afrodisea baby girl its on
i promise you i will do all the words to this song
(Chorus 1x)

Now give me the mic so i can get f**k up
like fiesta fiesta still moving the club
i whip i the girls i love before
got plenty honeys
puff puff give now let me hit once more
fake a** nigga get out and close my door
its my house for me to live not yours
if i wanted to i can f**k on the floors

through the doors likea western shit the is crunk
Beenie and Chris you know the boys tore up
about eight nine black stylian riding up
its Mr.biggs show down im like what

Now Kelly
its not enough room in this town
for you and me so lets get down
im sickin tired of you and this down low fight
from contagious all the way to Misses Price
you done it now with miss black Asia
i knew somthin funny when she stop paging
house cars shoppin mall
man ill tell you its a bad oh call
like a racin bull
im about to charge you
you wont see tomorrow
its time to put a end to ya late nights creep
now any last word before my pistol speaks
now no disrespect but man im tired
cuz all these years is my back you been riding
even in and out of fights on these videos
now its about time you felt the real rodeo
see i did it 9-9 98 of september
you took her from me yeah right you dont remember
i remember so clearly we was coming from a opra
i clever you were when you sneak her your number
i know thats makes yall wanna know
whats really on the down low
you wonder why we all ways at it there it is
speak up mr. biggs
cuz im about to get (wild wild west)
sickin tired of your mess
you put me to the test
and now im stickin out my chest
so any last words before i draws these cannon
cuz when the smokes clear ill be the last men standing at the
(chorus 2x's)

cuz ima about to

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