R Kelly - The Greatest Show On Earth

Текст песни R Kelly - The Greatest Show On Earth

How many of you can step? (yeah) (I step)
Who can step? You step?
Can you really step? Can you cut a rug? (I can cut a rug)
A'ight, so what we gonna do is slow it down
And see if you can step to this one
Another one for the ladies
Coming from the Chocolate Factory
It's the piper y'all
Your music weatherman

I can't wait 'til I hit the door (oh)
Can't wait 'til your clothes hit the floor
I want you so bad, my pretty baby (whoa, oh)
Oh baby, you should know how I feel
When it comes down to making love with you (whoa)
So come on (come on), lets get on this plane of love baby (ooh)
And fly through the night
And our destination is wherever your spot is baby (oh baby)
And woman please believe me I'm gonna drive you crazy, so...

Welcome to (welcome to) the greatest (the greatest show) show on Earth
Welcome baby, (ooh) to my bedroom girl (hello)
Welcome (ohh) to the (to the) greatest show (girl welcome to) on Earth
The greastest show on Earth
What you're about to witness
Is unheard... (whoa)

I'll be kissing (girl just let me) places on you (kissing you baby)
All the way from your head to toe and everything between
I promise to keep you a happy camper
While we make history (ooh) (Lord have mercy)
Tonight we'll rescue love and set it free (oh baby)

'Cause that's how it's supposed to be
Oh baby, tonight we'll reach the skies
Just you and me girl, 'cause
All I want, all I need, is you here loving me tonight, girl (all I want)
So come on (come on) and let's get on this plane of love baby (whoo, whoo)
We'll fly through the night (girl through the night)
And our destination is wherever your spot is baby (oh baby)
And I guarantee (my body) I'm gonna drive you crazy
Girl like a circus when it comes to town (oh, whoo) so many...
(So many bills in my switch, flips and tricks, in place is sold out)
Oh baby come on, girl
I'll be kissing you (kissing you) baby up and down (whoo)
Giving it to you (whoo) round and round

Welcome to (welcome to the greastest) the greatest (greatest show, ooh) show on Earth
(Welcome baby, baby, baby to my, girl my bedroom) (whoo, whoo)
Welcome to (hello, welcome, to the greatest) the greatest show (oh baby) on Earth
Baby welcome to the greastest show
Hope you will enjoy, just sit back and relax
I'm gonna try and make this one hell of a night you wont forget
What you are about to witness is unheard...
So welcome to the greatest...
Show on Earth...

Oh, Happy People baby it's the Chocolate Factory
And the love lines are open and we want you to call us at
One-two-three, l-o-v, e...

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