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Текст песни R Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 13

Gwendolyn hangs up the phone!

As Cathy is about to go nuts...
Shaking and screaming
Crying,... Tear after tear...
As if Chuck and Rufus...
Just suddenly disappeared

And then Rufus says, "Kathy!"
"What the hell are you crying for!?"
She says, "Leave me alone Rufus!!!"
...Both you and Chuck, you can see the door!"

"My best friend and I aren't speaking...
...she thinks that I'm a slutty whore!"
Rufus says, "Psssh, with everything that you're pulling...!??!
...Kathy, I'm not surprised she called you a whoooore!"

Then Kathy says, "Wait a minute...
...you're my husband, and you suppose to be there for me!!!
...In your vows, your sweet words, loving me for me
,,,I was so blind, but that's all I can seeeeeeeee!"

Then Chuck cuts in and says
"Shit Rufus! This stunt, you expect us to believe this?
"She's a no good lying, cheating, wig wearing,...
Club hoppin... sensitive bitchhhhh!"

Kathy points at the door and says
"What! Get your gay ass out of my place!...
Before you stepped in,... Rufus and I
Our relationship was safffffffe."

Then Rufus says, "Safe!?!?!?
... Then explain what just happened in my home!
...Had I known you were sneakin and creapin'...
You would have been sad! And here all alone!

Chuck screams, "We're getting married
...and there's not a go*dam* thing you can do!...
"If you want to leave then fuck it! Pack!
...We will even hellllp you!?

Then Kathy starts to cry
Bursts into tears and say, "You jerk!
Chuck looks possessed
And then he starts to go BESERK!!!!

(tempo of music kicks up)

Chuck screams, "Bitch. Slut! Ho. Tramp!

Take your pick!!!!!!!?!!!
...Quite frankly standing here looking at you
Shit! I'm starting to get... SICK AND TIRED OF ITTTT!!!"

"Rufus and I made plans!
...We're getting married at the end of the month!
...It was only a matter of time, before...
He showed your slutty ass to the dumps!"

She looks at Rufus and says
"How could you do this to me!?"
He nods, "He's telling the truth!
"Now Kathy! Let me go!
I just want to be freee!"

Chuck screams, "You can pack your shit! Move bitch!...
Rufus and I are living here!!!!"
Rufus chimes in, looks at Chuck and say
"Now look dear."

Kathy whimpers
"But Rufus!!!!"

Then Chuck says

She grabs his arm!...
He GRABS his arm!...

Rufus walks towards the door

He let go of Kathy's Arm!

Kathy's on his left
Chuck is on his RIGHT!!!

He looks at Chuck!
He looks at Kathy!

And says...

"I'm sorry babe..."



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