Racoon - Luka's Song

Текст песни Racoon - Luka's Song

It took a lotta years, never got it right from the start
All the little efforts were never too serious
Set a lotta business straight then took it apart
Summer in your eyes won't turn to winter that's obvious

Got a little gift that makes me quite a rich man
I try to make the best of it but I am a lazy guy
If I'd quit, then who'd understand
I ain't too good with words and for a singer I'm way too shy

But you asked for another song that would make you cry
or smile for that matter, so I had to give it a try

Got a little help from my friends in the band
They wanna help me out though I am a funny guy
It takes one to know one I guess
I might be good with chords but all the rest I'll just have to try

'Cause you asked for another
Song for our little girl

How could we refuse to
Make her name known in this world

A little song to lighten up her mood
a little song to brighten up her day
Such a sweet and happy little girl
deserves a song to come her way

Come sun or rainy days, please stay
just as sweet as you are today

Took a lotta years, but I got it right in the end
All the little efforts were never in vain, I know
Got a little song for my sweetest surprise
Her name is Luka, she's asleep on the second floor

So now on to another song that is flying about
Sleep tight baby, know that I'll always be around

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