Radiohead - Ed's Scary Song

Ed's Scary SongRadiohead3:17

Текст песни Radiohead - Ed's Scary Song

we're the orchestra to your board
and we beg for the scraps from your table
all we want is to be like you
music to play your ___
pump pumping sounds through the speakers below
i've tried so hard to keep still
they will chew you up
they will spit out your bones
standing in the shadows at the end of the bed
i never said anything
i live a wallpaper life of playing guitar in a band
it seems so volatile
oh my, oh my
he was a good man
and he said he was the best
they said that even life spat in his face
he put everything back in it's right place
a conflict of interest you might say
are you trying to bribe me?

_____ for my sins
we are plants, happy plants
super human builders day
i leave you for bitch of _____ and go green
loved to death like eight mayo maids
with a grin like roadkill
fine..lets stay
everything is alive
there is nothing but blue skies from now on
no ghosts no skeletons
a man hovers in the dust...dust..dust.
thankyou very much thankyou
everybody drive home safe and carefully tonight
and we'll see you in our lounge in a few weeks time
goodnight! god bless!
lets go home Jonny.

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