Razed in Black - Cyberium [Endurance Mix]

Текст песни Razed in Black - Cyberium [Endurance Mix]

(Cyberium, Cyberium)

Feel like jumping when you set the plank like I'll dive right down to hell
Feel like jumping when you tighten the noose, slip anyway, ring a bell?
Feel the pressure as the monkey mounts and he's fed along the way
Feel the absence, the void, the hurt, but I still decide to stay

I have the answer, I have the cure
I have the remedy, I will endure


Don't mind choking when you're gripping tight and the only thing left is me

Don't mind hanging when tonite aint right, did it as many times as I've breathed
Don't mind putting my neck on the line to feed him and not to see you bleed
Don't mind taking my punishment even though I'm not guilty

Why do you scream with all your might when your screaming to nothing
Why do you fear when I turn out the light when its not out of reach
Why do you rave about stupid lies when there's no truth left in these
Why do you cum before I start I'm not even in your panties

(i Have the remedy, I have the cure)
(Cyberium, cyberium)

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