Red Hot Chili Peppers - C'mon Girl

Текст песни Red Hot Chili Peppers - C'mon Girl

Everything inside of me
Is burning up for you to see

And if we should get into it
A two way kind of syndicate, ho

Compare us to a ferris wheel
Just be sure of what you want to steal
Some people do it by the book
But I prefer to go by feel, tell me

I wanted to get outta here
But every time I reappear
And know I have the words my dear
To whisper right into your ear, hey, yeah

C'mon girl
Let's get it right
Let's get it right
Let's get it right

The spirit of a dragon's tear
Is lovely at this time of year

The cave within your mountainside
Is deeper than it will be wide hold me

My disenchanted diplomat
Asleep inside the laundromat
Conveyer belts are moving and
I want you you to be sure of that, tell me

And if you let it germinate
I know it will be worth the wait
Disputed by the news that it was you
Who tried to instigate, hey

Blessed are the hypocrites
Outwitted but she never quits
The trouble with a band of slits
Is washing offf all the muddy bits, hey... yeah

Oh yeah she's with me and I'm your man
If I can't find you no one can

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