Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Trilogy

Текст песни Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Trilogy

My love comes, and when it does
it's a crazy kind of
selective affection
my love flows lika a wize guy's tie
in the zanniest of directions
my love protection, my love erection
you better get some of my infection
my love can be-a-bigger than
the hoover dam
my love can hide behind
a grain of sand
my love for life is fueled by
the love for my man
I love his mother and
the silly mystic man
some people think he's bad
they say he doesn't laugh
and ask my dad
My love is death to appartheid rule
my love is deepest depth, the ocean blues
My love is the zulu groove

my love is keep it or move
my love is a laughin' boozed
my love is the pussy juice
my love can't be refused
my love is gettin' my food
my love, my love
My love began from love
my love for an unknown grubby bum
my love for the baby suckin' on his thumb
my love for the best set of buns
my love for the feal of the drums
my love for a butter knuckle hands
my love for the sweedes in the bad
my love for the legs that I spin
my love for the fat mingy
my love, my love
my love is my gross innerself
my love is my dick in my head
my love is my gross innerself
my love is my dick in my head

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