Rev - California

Текст песни Rev - California


Hello everybody
It's Rev
Shout out to New Walk for this beautiful beat
Just here to talk to you a little bit
About a place that I really wanna go
I'm sure you've heard of it
It's called California
West Coast
Just here to talk about it


Alright Okay

[Verse 1: Rev]
Supreme legacies on the mind
Meditate for a limited time
The temper in the peace so surreal
You only can live and love and heal
My karma is no where to be found
I'm traveling to the throne to be crowned
Atmosphere brings me to a place
Listen close so you can relate

I'm traveling out to Cali
No one will try to grab me
Three W's soon to carry
No weight on my shoulders
'sides the money for my caddies
Kiss the blunt I will marry
And these snazzy beats sound jazzy

I rap about Nirvana
And all about peace
Cause why bother ruin my soul as an artiste
You could travel to Greece
And See the architectures of expertise
Surf the fresh waters
Or feel the marble underneath your feet

Gotta Breathe
Gotta Breathe

[Verse 2: Rev]
Intoxicate your mind with love inflamed
A fantasy running wild
Imaginations in your brain

A dangerous speed
All while the impulse is slow
Your vision is blurred
Fleshy finesse all exposed
Let it go

The humid glimmer in your hindsight
Gently illuminating the rapid layers guiding your flight
Radiant linger of a past shallow shadow
Straddle the storm
A familiar hero in battle
True to the touch
Whimpers are unfamiliar and vacant
A spiritual understanding and a secluded scream is fragrant

But it's all X-rated

This sounds beautiful
Sounds beautiful
I mean I'm still gonna talk about it
I don't think y'all feel that there
Y'all don't understand it but
Let me explain to you

Do you feel it yet?
If not here we go

[Bridge: Rev]
Do you feel the breeze?
Do you hear the waves?
Do you have a crave for this life of opalescent rage?

One more time for y'all
I said

Do you feel the breeze?
Do you hear the waves?
Do you have a crave for that life of opalescent rage?

Y'all want me to sing it now?

Do you feel the breeze?
Do you hear the waves?
Do you have a crave for this life of opalescent rage?

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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