Rev - Subsequently (Not On Drugs)

Текст песни Rev - Subsequently (Not On Drugs)


Let the bass drop
Here We Go

[Verse 1: Rev]
All my life plans got evicted
I'm mad I existed
My mind can't clear itself out, so
Nothing is getting me lifted
Turn another page in this book, just
Repeating the motions
Where am I going, Can't stop holding
The ball I am throwing

Thoughts coming back to me
Reminding me of the Trinity
What was I meant to be?
Can anyone show me?
Who are you?
I'm lonely; standing in this corner
The darkness is the context
But I still can't stay sober
So I write another verse down

Drowning out in my mental
The pain is still too much
I try not to act gentle
Venting through this paper
See me type away on my phone
I know I said it already, but
Hell yeah I'm alone

And I smoke my pain away
Drink until the day
Light isn't my forte
And I pop another one down
Getting lost in the sound
How crazy, does it make me
I do this to get found
But I'm still getting drowned out

And I try to keep my words healthy
For those who see my value
But I'm still dancing on strobe lights
Floating vapors like I'm a balloon
And you, still just watch me
Dancing with me in my nightmares
So concerned with what I am
That you begin to get stuck there

And I'm mad
And you're glad
And I'm angry I get sad
I'm hitting rock bottom
Enjoying the life I once had
Where's my dad?

God if you're up there where's my dad?

[Verse 2: Rev]
But I'm still all on my grind
Improving my rhyme every time
Yeah, I'm lost up in my matrix
While snorting away white lines
What good is doing what I'm doing?
Sheltered in from the outside
We still party where I'm from
Up to this day, since '99

And listen in with my eyes
I mouth off with my ears
Stall under the pressure, and still come back
To combat my fears
These gears are still turning
I still have a heart inside
My brain is still working mind over matter
Can you leave?
Cause it's my time

Yeah it's my time
It's my time
They're blinded by my shine
While you're in your room
Playing with Legos
I'm building a design

How will it work?
Where can it be?
Where will it stand?
Who's in with me?
Why bother then?
What will it cost?
I'm Diana Ross
I'm still the boss

[Verse 3: Rev]
You see
They don't care
I don't either
Still rocking that wife beater
And I'm still holding a knife cleaver
Hoping I don't end it right there

Evil Brain, Angel Heart
Yes I utter much
But I never cover up
It's just because of luck

(Uh; That Drip)

Where the hell am I?

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