Rhapsody - Lord of Thunder

Текст песни Rhapsody - Lord of Thunder

Born in the time of darkness and evil under the sign of God
glory's my mother fire's my brother sword my only law
Into the land of chaos and hate there is no place for me
and for the conquest of justice and honour I will use my steel

Holy flame burn again for eternity
Burn my heart to win
The holy war is awaiting another fiery king

Rage in my heart crossing the forest riding my black horse

Across the valley along the river where the hot blood flows
Over the lakes and over the hills I follow the call of the wind
Uphold the legend and for my princess I will fight and win

Lord of the thunder please be my guide
Before and after my last ride
I'll be your soldier serving the light
Riding forever alive and proud
metalpunk | Текст

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