Текст песни RHCP - WE BELIEVE

We Believe by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The curtain is open, a head to put dope in.

Now we will, come clean it.

The future, we've seen it.

No, no, I know, I said, no no.

It's like a dream, that falls away.

Into the night, where we can play.

I'm on a train, one happy day.

Two eyes for sight, three times I pray.

Soda pop, we've got to set up shop.

And when the weather comes, we've got a pressure drop.

We don't know, but everyday I go.

To see what I can bring, into a cameo.

Oh, oh, oh, no!


We belive. Climb a tree.

For monkey business.

Write a check out to forgiveness.

All the world on half an acre.

Pushing dirt into a quaker.

The worst this time. No no, oh no.


To see the bird, without a care.

For in a world, it's nice out there.

In a tree, my mama bear.

Will be all right, with proper care.

Hey, hey, hey do!

Boomerang into a bigger bang.

A little cry of love, because they cannot sing.


What did the pharaoh see, another time and space.

Another place to be.

The motive.

The measure.

The purpose.

The pleasure.

The risk is.

It worth it.

The disc is.

It perfect.

I found yo, amongst them.

The flower, with young stem.


The broken

The marriage


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