Ricky Martin - Liar

Текст песни Ricky Martin - Liar

[Verse 1]
Grab a chair
Don't start running
Its only fair to give
Your heart a warning
You need to know that I'm not angel
Life's a book and every page is burning
Yes, I admit that
I'm a sinner not a saint
Won't act something that I ain't
I'm sure the picture that I paint
Ain't what you hoped it would be

No, but at least I'm not a liar
I may be lots of things
But not a liar
Sometimes the truth will sting
Come on and look me in the eye
I swear that I will never lie
And everything I say to you
You will know its true

[Verse 2]
If you move on
No I won't blame you
Every wrong I have done
I have signed my name to

No one writes the story over
You have got to bless
The ups and downs
You have been through
You must admit to
That their futures got a past
They are in a house but made of glass
Cause every stone my fate has cast
Has only made me who I am


[Verse 3]
I have always been the troubled one
Wound up like a loaded gun
When you are never satisfied
You learn how to fall, it's a faster ride
Lessons learned forgive and forget
I did what I did I got no regrets
Cross my heart and hope to die
I swear this on my life I'm not a


[Outro] [x3]
I'm not a liar
I swear that I will never lie

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