Robbie Williams - Monsoon

Текст песни Robbie Williams - Monsoon

I've sung some Songs that were lame
I've slept with girls on the game.
I've got my Catholic shame
Lord I'm in purgatory
Basically it's all come-on top for me

I wasn't me when we met
You haven't lost my respect
I'm here to serve and protect
What shape of insanity
Keeps leading you back to me?

So put your hands across the water
Oh Mushroom
Come soon

Don't wanna piss on your parade
I'm here to make money and get laid
Yeah I'm a star but I'll fade
If you ain't stickin your knives in me
You will be eventually

To all you Sharons and Michelles
With all your tales to sell
Save your meat money well
I'm glad that spending a night with me
Guaranteed you celebrity.

And I can't talk in a crowd

When I'm alone I'm too loud
You've done your daddy's proud
Thank you for keeping me company
You've all been so nice to me

So put your hands across the water
Oh mushroom
Come soon

Oh Lord
I feel
I know much smarter men
Never got this far

I got too many regrets
I've smoked too many cigarrettes
I've had more blondes than brunettes
I'm not expecting your symphathy
But it's all been too much for me

So put your hands across the water
Oh mushroom
Come soon


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