Robert Palmer - Mr Wise Guy

Текст песни Robert Palmer - Mr Wise Guy

Who'd ever guess to look at her?
They say she's a dancer but they don't fool me
You thought you knew it all, cos you'd been there
Thought she was a flirt you didn't know her

You kissed the girls and made them cry
You thought you would be only "hello-goodbye"
But now a twist of love has changed your world
Till I kissed her I was just another wise guy

You thought you were so cool
(wise guy)
You had all the right moves

You said "beware she'll break your heart"
She's about to turn around and prove you wrong
You thought you had the map, she's off the chart
Try to keep up with her if you're such a wise guy

Her kisses gave you the clue
(wise guy)
And now you know what to do

Didn't gamble, never won a prize
Rush to judgement and you pay the price
How could you presume to be qualified

If it bit you wouldn't recognise it!

You said love was for fools
(wise guy)
Then she broke all your rules

Who'd ever guess to look at her
They she's a teaser but they can't fool me
Because I met my match when I met her;
Hast la vista mr wise guy

You misjudged her so eat humble pie
Your opinion wasn't justified
You were cautious, you'd been hurt inside
Wouldn't risk it so you just criticised her

You said love was for fools
(wise guy)
But love knows better than you
(wise guy)

You thought you were so cool
(wise guy)
But now we know who's the fool
(mr wise guy)

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