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Текст песни Roxette - 7Twenty7

7twenty7 is readyto move
You know she packed her bags
With nothing left to prove
I thought I didn't care
Now I'm fallin' through
Wouldn't you?

Well, it's a long long journey to the other side
Oh I've been wishin' all night I was on that flight
And God, you'd better take care of the sweetest eyes
I hear myself swallowin' the tears I cry
I hear myself swallowin' the tears I cry

7twenty7 is up in the air
You know I feel her hands, on me everywhere
I thought I didn't care
Now I'm saying a prayer
Hey mister, do you know the way to salvation square?

It's a long long winter 'til the birds will sing

Oh I'll be waitin' all night for the phone to ring
I'm goin' up in smoke and phoney magazines
Everything is just pieces of my stupid dreams
Everything is just species of my stupid dreams

With the clouds passin' by
With the clouds passin' by
It's all right

7twenty7 is close to the sky
It carries the world between hello and goodbye
Like the Monday we met, that disappeared in a breath
Like the Sunday she left, forever smellin' of death

Another jet black night, another drink to go
Oh I'll be diving my head in the pure white snow
God, you'd better take care of this gold skinned friend
Tell me, will I ever see her again
Tell me, will I ever see her again

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