Roy Kinsey - Apple Care

Текст песни Roy Kinsey - Apple Care


That feelin' when you aim for the top
They wonderin' who you bottom for
You state you supreme
They wonderin' what you got it for
Can't pull the apple of my eye up out the Apple Store
On my knees for Apple Care
Chewin' through the apple core
Is it Steve that I adore?
Adam split into my atom
That or 'cause I'm a Roy-gasm
Rock moves on up in the Radisson
Have you ever took a trip down Madison?
The West Side like a wonderland
That you won't find no Alice in
Libra son, balancin'
Jugglin', callouses
Activist, no Actavis
Where my bag? Calculus
Thank God it's my mama kept my head in a book
I am livin' proof 'bout all the stress that it took
Raisin' children
'Cause who am I without my village?
And who are you without your privilege?
You Robin Hood or Robin Givens?
They been stoppin', they been friskin'
Lockin' sis and pop in prison
You been poppin' what is given
Livin' large, but how you feelin'?
In my feelings

'Cause they killed KiKi while she was at the Kiki
You pop and drop like he he
Used to want a Dino GT
I want piece of mind on GP
Also, my Franklin's Kirk
Also, my chicken jerk
Reparations wouldn't hurt
I'm grown A-F, but this a spurt
Turn the cypher into church
And then tomorrow back to work
Workin' a nine to five
I spell "workin'" with a Q
Tryna stay cute to survive
Tell CNN we still alive
Then I turned on channel five
To find a distant cousin died
So what part the simulation's this?
When you make all the changes necessary
Some things gon' persist
I swear I smell a glitch
I been set up before and it felt similar to this
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
I been learnin' from the wise and even more from the fools
Terry cloth jackets playin' Mr. Me Too
Thinkin' where was Me Too for Terry Crews?
Ain't no trigger warnin' wasn't no nigga warning
Still mournin' 2Pac death, Biggie warnin'
Heart goes out Orlando and New Orleans
Hand over my organ while my country play the organs
Rest in peace shorties died over they Jordans
Rest in peace to those that wouldn't make it to mornin'

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