Run DMC - Pause

Текст песни Run DMC - Pause

Afros.... yeahhh
AFROS! Yeahhh
Brothers be out there doin crack... NOOOOOOO
They be doin dope... NOOOOOOO
They be gangbangin! NOOOOOOO
All them brothers need to just

Yeah I'm with that
Here comes the Afros and the forty ounce crew
Who say slowly but surely we gonna turn the mother out
We got more in store young ladies on the floor so cool out

Intro which means I start it
In other words, herbs departed
Pause, stop for the cause
Get up, get down, you get yours
Chill, no time to get ill
Word to herb -- yeah it's the will of God

So whassup Hobbes?
Just jock, clock, rock, and don't stop but

Pause, pause for the cause, get yours
But don't break laws
Quit, quit it, forget it
Pause, say your way with it
Pause, if you did it, admit it
Cause, you shouldn'ta did it
Next time, you think of doin a crime
Pause, and remember this rhyme

Pause for the cause, cause broken laws
Are just like broken jaws
They take a long time to heal
I'm for real, and I know the deal
Look it over, investigate
Evaluate, think!

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