Santana - Do You Like The Way

Текст песни Santana - Do You Like The Way

(Lauryn's rap)

Watch the master plan,

the pastures span

Through the streets,

flipped the beat,

move the sheep

Like the shepherd

It's a new day, my crew stay

forever striving

Give thanks causewe alive, andbeen through the gutter

Now we see the horizon

It's clear to me now

Used to be confused,

took a lot of years to see how

Now, we moving planets

Take the average mind

and expand it

You take for granted like we're

always gonna be disadvantaged

But soon come, it soon come,

ya soon done

Ya start run, you stumble,

we catch one

In the rhythm, Santana lick theguitswith precision

Not accidental, intentional

conscious decision

To Zion, we're marching

through with African Mayans

Conquering Babylon with

the heart of a lion

Behold to watch yesterday

come back around

And the walls of Jericho

come a tumbling down

Tell me, how long has it been

Is everything, everything

alright my friend

You see, time is passing,

people asking how come none

of this ain't lasting

Money will, make people deal

like they don't even have to feel

But no, it ain't real, it ain't real

Oh, do you like the way

that it's going down

Do you like the waythat it's going down

Ooh, do you like the way

How long, how long will we wait,

to sit down and communicate

See, everything is relative, if

you want to get then give

Can't we all just build and live,

can't we, can't we ?

Do you like the way that it's going down

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