Sarah Connor - Make My Day

Текст песни Sarah Connor - Make My Day

[verse 1]

Found a note layin on the bedroom floor

Read it and felt my emotions start to soar

It said, follow all the signs that lead ya down the hall

Be ready for a sweet surprise

Excitement was risin up with every stride

Couldnt help smilin, I felt joy inside

You always find a way to take my spirits high

Could not believe my eyes

Cause I saw - you

In the doorway

Breakfast - burnt

What could I say

It was - like

In the movies



You make my day (with every little thing you do)

Make my day (with every loving word from you)

Make my day (you always seem to find a way)

Make my day (every moments like a holiday)

Make my day (every time that you walk in the room)

Make my day (every night Im lyin next to you)

Make my day (every morning when youre by my side)

Boy you make my day

[verse 2]

One of those days nothing goin right

Workin my butt until late at night

Bout to tell my boss he can take a hike

When I got a call from you

Short time later all my work is done

Packed my things up and I was on the run

Straight to you like a shot from a gun

I unlocked the door and

I saw - you

With red roses

Iced champagne


Bubble bath

Im t.k.o.

Boy you make my day

So listen girls

If u got some one who will treat you right

Wont run around all night

You need to hold on tight dont let him go

Better yet girls let him know, he is worth gold

Boys dont come like that on every corner


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