Sarah Connor - Teach U Tonite

Текст песни Sarah Connor - Teach U Tonite

[verse 1]

Hey, dont care about the things youve done today

Dont care about what other people say

Just care about the night and everything

You should do to make me feel right

cause its

You, whos gonna get a lesson here from me

Theres no more messin round, oh, cant you see

Youre gonna get an extra course in love

Education for the nation, please!


Gotta learn biology

The pleasure of the bird and the bees, baby, baby

Checking out geography

Position of the female body, oh, come on now


I bet your mama never told you this before

I bet your papa never told you how to score

I bet your sister never told you how to please

So baby, baby let me show you what I need

Im gonna show you how to treat a lady right

Im gonna show you how to keep me satisfied

Youre gonna learn until the sun begins to shine

Im gonna teach you tonight

[verse 2]

Stay, youve got a little more to learn today

So take a seat were starting right away

And let me see the homework that youve done

Maybe you become my number one

Come to

Me, in front of class is where youve got to be

The two of us in perfect harmony

And when the bell is ringing for the break

Let me show you how to graduate !




Gotta learn biology - just keep it going on

Checking out geography

Later on some history

You gotta tell me:

Did the egyptians fall in love

What were the romans thinking of

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